2015 Auctioneer of the Year – Russ Moravec

In conjunction with the 2015 Annual Nebraska Auctioneers Convention, Russ Moravec, Moravec Auction Company, David City, Nebraska, was named Nebraska Auctioneer of the Year.

Russ Moravec has been an auctioneer all of his life; a professional auctioneer and ring man. He’s also been very active in the Nebraska Auctioneers Association and held the office of President in 2009-2010.

Russ graduated from David City Aquinas and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He obtained his Nebraska real estate license in 1981 and attended Billings Montana Auction School later that same year. He began his auction and real estate career working with Marv and Dick Grubaugh of Grubaugh Brothers Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers in David City, Nebraska.

Mr. Moravec has received many honors over the years including 1986’s Nebraska Auctioneers Champion. He competed in the International Auctioneers Competition finishing in the top 10 no less than 8 times and finishing three times as runner-up; representing Nebraska well.

Russ gives seminars on auctioneering and ringing and has mentored new auctioneers on their career path to better their chant and skills. In addition, he’s passed his love of the profession on to his family with his sons all working as professional auctioneers and his wife working beside him. The two of them work the Omaha auto auction and have also worked the Mecum classic car auctions along with their son Matt. Matt conducts many automobile auctions across the nation as a full-time auctioneer and their son Trevor is also a professional auctioneer with Ritchie Brothers of Lincoln, conducting large equipment auctions all over the world.

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