NEAA Auxiliary Hall of Fame

There are a number of qualifications that an auxiliary member must meet before being honored in the Auxiliary Hall of Fame. These include participation in the State Auxiliary Association and contributions to their community.The following is a list of the qualifications for nominations to the Auxiliary Hall of Fame:

  • Must have been a member of the state auxiliary with active participation for at least 10 years. Membership in the National Auxiliary is not a requirement but points for membership will apply.
  • Participation for at least 10 years in business activities related to the auctioneering profession. Examples include real estate, clerking, office management, part ownership, etc.
  • Must have a combined total of at least 50 points from the chart included with the application form. No more than 10 points can be from civic, religious, or community work.
  • Persons to be considered will be people who by their actions and conduct exemplify high standards of honesty, integrity, and leadership in their profession and in their community.

Hall of Fame Qualifications Chart
Hall of Fame Nomination Form

2002 – Mary Nelson, Albion
2003 – Donna Marshall, Elm Creek
2004 – Judy Marshall, Elm Creek
2006 – Barb Ruhter, Prosser
2007 – Phyllis Jean Fleming, Atkinson
2009 – Delores A. Nitz, Fremont*
2009 – Iola Egle, McCook


2010 – Molly Woodward, Broken Bow
2013 – Leah Schow, Paxton
2013 – Marla Saathoff, Creighton
2014 – Garlan Muirhead, Overton
2014 – Phyllis Schoenholz, Geneva

Our Mission

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Our Mission is to promote the industry to the public, educate our members and to provide for professionalism and ethical standards of auctioneers throughout the state.